Illicit Discharge

Illicit Discharge Example Illicit Discharge Example Illicit Discharge Example

What is an Illicit Discharge?

Illicit discharges are considered “illicit” because Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4s) are not designed to accept, process, or discharge such non-storm water wastes.
Towns/Cities in Johnson County designated as MS4 entities have adopted an illicit discharge ordinance prohibiting “any substance other than storm water” to directly discharge or travel to the storm sewer system.
Prohibited discharges include:

  • Illegal dumping of chemicals, oil, trash or other debris is prohibited
  • Illegal connections to the storm sewer system are prohibited (washing machines, septic systems, commercial car washes, and any substance that is not clean storm water)
  • Natural debris such as grass clipping, leaves or soils must not be placed in the streets, along curb lines, in a ditch, or directly into any part of the storm sewer system. Grass clippings should be swept or blown back into the yard.

Prohibited discharges are listed in each MS4 community’s illicit discharge ordinance. If you would like more information, contact your local MS4 entity.

If you notice an illicit discharge, please report it to the MS4 Operator in the designated MS4 entity area (whether it’s Greenwood, Franklin, Edinburgh, Bargersville, New Whiteland, Whiteland, or Johnson County).

Ordinance 2028: Stormwater Management Ordinance
* Just a reminder. It is illegal to rake or mulch leaves, grass or other yard waste into the street. This is a violation of our Stormwater Management Ordinance. When mowing, mulching or raking please be sure that all debris remains in your yard and on your property.