June 3, 2008




Town Council President John Perrin opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m. with the pledge to the American flag. Council members present were John Perrin, Terry Spencer, Joe Noonan, Don Harris and Scott Alspach.  Also present were Clerk-Treasurer Maribeth Alspach and Department Heads Jim Lasiter, Cindy Yates, Brian Hedrick and Ed Stephenson.  Attorney Robbins was absent.  Councilman Spencer offered the opening prayer. 



Councilman Harris moves to approve the minutes of the May 20th meeting and is seconded by Councilman Noonan.  Vote 5 affirmative. 






Triad Associates Engineers

Kevin Kelley introduces Tom Schubert of Triad Associates who has prepared the contract for the bio solids disposal modifications that was approved at the previous meeting.  Schubert also presents an “On Call Service Agreement” for any small jobs that might be needed in the future – all work would be billed on an hourly basis. Councilman Harris moves to accept the On Call Service Agreement and is seconded by Councilman Harris. Vote 5 affirmative.  President Perrin signs both contracts.



Property and General Liability Insurance Renewal

Randy Teltoe of Burnham & Flowers is here to present our renewal rates.  Randy notes he will be acting as our representative as Betty Bush has been moved to a different position within their company.  Teltoe notes that our insurance rate remained the same; however our premium reflects an increase due to higher exposure levels.  We have one additional police officer this year, 24 additional utility customers and 3 additional miles of streets.  We also had monetary increases in our property, vehicle and inland marine policy exposures due to new equipment or adjusted values.  The 2008 rate is $51,332.00.  There is an additional premium of $214.00 to add terrorism coverage.  Teltoe also provides alternate costs to increase the “Umbrella Policy”.  PW Supt. Lasiter asks the council to seriously consider adding the terrorism coverage due to the potential threat to water systems.  Council asks Teltoe to revise quote to include coverage for the Fire Department rather than have 2 different agents / policies.  Teltoe will bring that information to the June 17th meeting.  Council asks Clerk-Treasurer Alspach to provide percentage break out of how much will be paid out of each fund to the next meeting as well.


Proctor Park

Clerk-Treasurer Alspach states that Ike Randolph, Executive Director with the Governor’s Office of Faith Based and Community Initiatives will be visiting Proctor Park this Friday at 2:00 p.m.  He is traveling across the state to visit places where volunteer efforts have had a positive impact on the community and Proctor Park is one of his scheduled stops!  Alspach invites everyone to be at Proctor Park to welcome Mr. Randolph.

Alspach adds she will be speaking at the Greenwood Rotary Club luncheon on Monday, June 9th to talk about Proctor Park.

Alspach presents information from Stella Owens, a local resident who would like to offer her embroidery services as a means of raising money for Proctor Park.  She has provided a sample book of her designs and a price list – a portion of every sale would go to Proctor Park.  Council directs Alspach to research a written agreement with Attorney Robbins – recommending having the information on our website with Mrs. Owens contact information so customers can contact her directly.  It is also recommended that we copyright our logo.

Town Council

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June 3, 2008


Clerk-Treasurer Alspach asks the council to consider trying to host a one day festival this fall to promote community spirit, honor our Veterans and raise money and awareness for Proctor Park.  Some items to be considered would include a chili cook off, various contests and competitions, food vendors, craftsmen, games, tug of war between the fire and police departments, a concert, possibly kiddie rides and fireworks.  Alspach asks permission to form an exploratory committee.  Council approves.


Police Department

Marshal Stephenson presents revisions to the Policy & Procedure Manual related to firearms qualification requirements in the police department.  Council approves the changes and asks that the resolution be prepared for the June 17th agenda.

Marshal Stephenson notes that August 5th is National Night Out.  Stephenson would like to see New Whiteland participate in this event to encourage people to take pride in their neighborhoods and get to know their neighbors.  The police officers will be out walking the neighborhoods and doing demonstrations that evening and Stephenson suggests that the council members should as well.  Council agrees to participate and will cancel that evening’s meeting.  It may be necessary to schedule a short special meeting depending on the budget schedule.


MPO Invoice

PW Supt. Lasiter states he has received this year’s invoice for New Whiteland’s pro rata share of the MPO budget.  The invoice is for $1,700.00 and Lasiter has the funding available in his MVH budget.  He is requesting council approval to make this payment.  Council approves.



Resolution 2008-01

This item is tabled until the next meeting.


Ordinance 2079

Clerk-Treasurer Alspach presents the ordinance declaring the 1979 Ford Fire Engine Surplus which will allow it to be donated to Central Nine School.  Councilman Harris moves to adopt Ordinance 2079 and is seconded by Councilman Alspach.  Vote 5 affirmative.

Councilman Alspach moves to suspend the rules and consider the ordinance on final reading and is seconded by Councilman Harris.  Vote 5 affirmative. 

Clerk-Treasurer Alspach reads the ordinance in title only on second reading.  Motion to adopt by Member Spencer with second by Member Harris.  Vote 5 affirmative. 



Being no other business the meeting was adjourned at 8:23 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Maribeth Alspach, Clerk- Treasurer



Approved: _____________________________  

                 John Perrin, President