May 20, 2008




Town Council Vice President Terry Spencer opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m. with the pledge to the American flag. Council members present were Terry Spencer, Joe Noonan, Don Harris and Scott Alspach.  Also present were Clerk-Treasurer Maribeth Alspach, Attorney Lee Robbins and Department Heads Jim Lasiter, Cindy Yates, Brian Hedrick and Ed Stephenson.  Councilman Perrin was absent.  Councilman Harris offered the opening prayer. 



Councilman Harris moves to approve the minutes of the April 15th meeting and is seconded by Councilman Alspach.  Vote 4 affirmative. 



Allyn Zumwalt of 48 Southlane asks for an extension until May 26th.  She will pay the full amount in the drop box on the 26th.  Council approves.



Maribeth Alspach states that $81,840.16 has been raised to date for Proctor Park.  She thanks everyone who has played a part in our success so far with this project.  She adds that Sue Galloway and the National Junior Honor Society at CPMS held a carwash last Saturday and raised over $1,000.00 – they will be donating a portion of those funds to Proctor Park.  Sue states that she has been overwhelmed by the community’s response to and support of Proctor Park.  Maribeth adds that she received a $70.00 donation from Pleasant Crossing Elementary School from a Pajama Day fundraiser they held.  Alspach adds that our largest fundraiser was the Charity Ride co-sponsored by the Johnson County Eagles where $18,720.96 was raised for the project. She adds that there are so many people to thank – she thanks Marshal Stephenson and the NWPD for traffic control during the Dedication Ceremony.  Thanks as well to CPCSC for providing shuttle buses during the Dedication Ceremony – that made the event run really well and provided excellent public safety for the attendees. She thanks Chief Hedrick and the NWFD for Chaplain Dave Wampler giving the benediction at the ceremony and for being on stand by with EMS help during the event.  Alspach notes that the project would not have succeeded without the phenomenal efforts of our Public Works employees – she thanks them for their labor of love and for all of the hours of work that they have invested in Proctor Park.  She offers special thanks to Donnie Rodgers a local resident and former Marine who donated 8 flagpoles and installed them at the park and who also provided the port-o-lets for the Dedication Ceremony.  Maribeth has contacted Donnie and asked for a quote to keep 2 of the port-o-lets at the park due to the amount of traffic we are having there.  Donnie Rodgers is donating the port-o-lets and the maintenance and servicing of them at no charge as a way of giving back to the community.  She thanks the Eagles for all of their efforts and assistance in raising money for the project and thanks them for the great event – the 1st Annual Charity Ride!  Maribeth then presents certificates from Major General Umbarger to those committee members in attendance.  Maribeth adds that our work is not finished – we still need to raise about $60,000.00 to complete the project.  She thanks all of the committee members for their hard work and dedication. 

Council Vice President Spencer presents a plaque to Tom Bland and Kathy Rooker of the Johnson County Eagles Aerie 4132 and thanks them for their partnership in this project.  He thanks them for the fantastic Charity Ride Event and all of the funds raised for Proctor Park.  Tom and Kathy thank the council and state that this plaque will be proudly displayed in their building.

Councilman Spencer then thanks Proctor Park Chairperson Maribeth Alspach for her involvement in this project and acknowledges the extra hours that she spent coordinating these efforts.

Councilman Harris thanks all who were involved and states he was very impressed with the park and the Dedication Ceremony.  He is very proud of our town and very proud that New Whiteland is the home of Proctor Park.



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May 20, 2008



Phone System Upgrade

Clerk-Treasurer Alspach presents a revised proposal for upgrading a phone network that will

encompass all town departments.  This was presented in 2007 and then put on hold while we explored

the possibility of purchasing the property at 330 Whiteland Road and relocating some offices.  Since that issue has been decided she would like to proceed with the upgrade.  Rob Parker with Embarq is present and explains the proposal, the equipment costs and the monthly savings once the new system is installed.   Clerk-Treasurer Alspach recommends proceeding with the upgrade and purchasing the equipment rather than approving the lease proposal.  Councilman Harris asks how much money we save by purchasing up front rather than leasing to buy over 5 years.  Rob Parker calculates the savings and states approximately $22,000.00.  Councilman Alspach moves to approve the proposal with up front costs being evenly divided between the General Fund, Water & Wastewater accounts.  Councilman Noonan seconds the motion.  Vote 4 affirmative.  Rob Parker will prepare the contract documents and drop them off for signatures.  Entire process for upgrade should take about 3 months.


WWTP Bio-Solids Removal Proposal

Public Works Supt. Jim Lasiter presents copies of the study done by Triad Engineers that was approved earlier this year.  Jim reviews the proposal and the various alternates.  He asks for approval to have Triad prepare request for Bid packets with 2 alternates; one with refurbished equipment and one with new.  Kevin Kelley notes this proposal is for a 20 year plan that will effectively reduce the volume of bio solids by 66 – 75%.  Lasiter states that the alternate he is recommending includes skid mount equipment which his employees will be able to install without paying for factory installation.  Jim would like to do a second study in 2 – 3 years to look at adding the leaf compost materials  to the bio solids which would go from a B product to an A product which would have more marketability.  Councilman Harris asks how long this project will take to complete.  Lasiter believes about 180 days or 6 months.  Kevin Kelley asks Attorney Robbins what the maximum amount of equipment that can be purchased without bids is.  Robbins believes $25,000.00 but will verify that number.  Council approves proceeding with bid packets.  Lasiter will bring a contract from Triad to the June 3rd meeting.


Fire Department

Chief Hedrick states the new engine is in full service.

Hedrick distributes copies of the cover letter from the recent ISO audit and states that New Whiteland’s rating remained the same a 5.

Hedrick adds that he has prepared a letter to donate the old engine to Central Nine and would like John Perrin to sign off on it.  Attorney Robbins advises we will have to have the engine declared surplus before it can be disposed of.  This item will be placed on the agenda for our next meeting.


Police Vehicle Lease Agreement

Marshal Stephenson states the cars are on order.  The representative from the leasing company will be at the June 17th meeting with the necessary paperwork.  The cars are scheduled for delivery in late July or early August.


Unisom Contract

Attorney Robbins states that all of the requested revisions have been made to the 50 year contract.  Attorney Robbins notes that he is satisfied with the revised document and it is ready to be executed.  Council approves the revisions and directs Attorney Robbins to prepare paperwork for President Perrin’s signature.



Property and General Liability Insurance Renewal

Clerk-Treasurer Alspach notes our policy renewal date is July 1, 2008.  The renewal rates will be

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May 20, 2008


presented at the June 3, 2008 meeting.


Fuel Appropriations

Councilman Spencer asks how each department is doing with their fuel budgets.  Chief Hedrick believes he has used 54% of his budget but has available money he can transfer into that appropriation if necessary.  PW Supt Lasiter states CPCSC Transportation Director is gathering car license plate and officer information on our Police Officers to issue swipe cards for them.  They should be on line within 30 or so days with the council’s permission.  Lasiter recommends starting a pilot program for 30 – 60 days with the Police Department before issuing all department vehicles cards.  Jim will check with the school and see how many ID cards they will issue to the Fire Department – it may be too costly to issue a card for everyone on the roster.  Chief Hedrick will research this.  There is some discussion about turn over of volunteers and retrieval of cards and cost of reissuing them for new volunteers.  Jim will get a maximum of cards to be issued and then Brian will determine who will be authorized to receive them.  Council approves pilot program with NWPD and CPCSC.


Shelter House Reservation Policy

PW Supt. Lasiter notes we have gotten several requests to reserve the shelter houses at Proctor Park.  We don’t have a procedure or policy for reserving shelter houses – currently it is on a first come first served basis.  After some discussion the council decides that for the time being there will be no reservation policy.



Ordinance 2076

Attorney Robbins presents the amendment to the Zoning Ordinance regarding billboards.  This was passed by the Plan Commission after a Public Hearing on August 28, 2007 but never brought to the council.  This ordinance strikes 7-1504 sub section 2 ( c ) and creates a greater distance requirement between billboards and residential zoning areas and housing.  It also requires a greater distance between billboards.  Councilman Harris moves to adopt Ordinance 2076 and is seconded by Councilman Noonan.  Vote 4 affirmative.



Ronald Camden, 852 Delbrook wants clarification on parking restrictions.  He lives on a corner at an intersection and members of his family have been ticketed for parking on the street in front of his house.  The curb is not painted yellow and he thinks it should be if you can’t park there.  Members Harris and Alspach explain that you are not allowed to park within 30 feet on an intersection by state statute.  This is not a local ordinance and we do not have the authority to change state law. 


Warren Collier, 72 Anjuli Court is a semi driver and occasionally drives his truck home.  He is opposed to the ordinance that imposes an 11,000 pound weight limit on vehicles and carries a fine of $100.00 if you violate the ordinance.  Mr. Collier asks why RVs and trailers are allowed.  Attorney Robbins explains campers, boats, trailer and RVs and the parking of those vehicles have been addressed in the Zoning Ordinance. The weight limit restriction is addressed in the Town Code.  Collier notes there is a house in his neighborhood where a contractor drives a truck with a trailer loaded with a back hoe that would exceed the weight limit.  Attorney Robbins states that is a separate violation and could be someone operating a business out of their home.  Mr. Collier can report the address and the violation to either the Police Department or the Zoning Administrator and have it investigated.


Rick Stewart, 59 Parkview drive states he drives a dump truck and brings it home occasionally as well.  He has done this for 25 years and wants to be grandfathered and allowed to continue doing so


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May 20, 2008


with no penalty.  Stewart asks if he can apply for a permit to bring his truck home.  Attorney Robbins states the law is not discretionary – must be enforced consistently – no one is exempt – there are no permits.  PW Supt. Lasiter asks Stewart how much his truck weighs.  Stewart states 24,000 pounds.  Stewart and Collier ask how they can get the ordinance changed.  Attorney Robbins states they have presented their case and now if the council wants to change the ordinance they can.  The council will take this under consideration.


Being no other business the meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Maribeth Alspach, Clerk- Treasurer



Approved: _____________________________  

                 John Perrin, President