April 1, 2008




Town Council President John Perrin opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m. with the pledge to the American flag. Council members present were John Perrin, Joe Noonan and Scott Alspach.  Also present were Attorney Robbins, Clerk-Treasurer Maribeth Alspach and Department Heads Jim Lasiter, Cindy Yates, Brian Hedrick and Ed Stephenson.  Councilmen Harris and Spencer were absent.  Councilman Alspach offered the opening prayer. 



Councilman Noonan moves to approve the minutes of the March 18th meeting and is seconded by Councilman Alspach.  Vote 3 affirmative. 

Councilman Noonan moves to approve the minutes of the March 20th meeting and is seconded by Councilman Alspach.  Vote 3 affirmative. 

Councilman Alspach moves to approve the minutes of the March 25th meeting and is seconded by Councilman Noonan.  Vote 3 affirmative. 






Proctor Park Update

Clerk-Treasurer Alspach presents copies of her status report and work log for the project.  Maribeth commends Cub Scout Pack 617 for their efforts at the Rummage Sale last weekend.  They raised $1,614.02 for Proctor Park.  The trees have been ordered the web site has been updates.  Work continues at the park as weather permits.


330 Whiteland Road

Attorney Robbins has presented our offer.  He believes the church has received another offer that is higher than ours.  Lee has not had any response from the owner on the offer that we submitted.  He will keep us informed of any new developments.


Water Tower Lease - Unison

Attorney Robbins has spoken with Jack Squire who is supposed to fax Lee the revised agreement tomorrow.  Once it is received Attorney Robbins will verify that all changes have been made as requested and report back to the Council.



Parking Ordinance

Councilman Alspach asks Attorney Robbins if the recommendation from the Plan Commission addressing vehicles being parked in yards was ever approved by the Council. Attorney Robbins states he will review the Plan Commission minutes and bring a draft ordinance to the next meeting if appropriate.


Police Department

Marshal Stephenson thanks Attorney Robbins for the vicious dog ordinance materials provided to our Police Departments.  The information is currently being reviewed by some of our Officers.


Fire Department

Chief Hedrick reports the Rescue Unit is currently out of service and in the shop for repairs and the annual preventative maintenance.  Hedrick presents two additional documents requiring President Perrin’s signature for the loan for the new engine.



Town Council

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April 1, 2008


Public Works

PW Supt. Lasiter states that 4 – 6 Seabees have asked to use our equipment to finish the work that was started at the Shelter House in Proctor Park.  Their equipment has been relocated and they have certified operators who would like to use our back hoe.  They have military insurance that would cover them.  Lasiter adds that we have a blanket policy for all volunteers that would cover as well.  Lasiter adds that he or another PW employee would be present when the work is being done.  Council approves.


Proctor Park Pond

PW Supt. Lasiter has been advised that DNR will stock any pond that is accessible to the public for fishing.  Lasiter asks if the Council would like him to see about having the pond at Proctor Park stocked.  Anyone fishing at that pond would be required to have the appropriate license.  Jim adds DNR may have a website on which they list any ponds that they stock which might increase the fishing traffic at the park.  Council states if there is no cost involved proceed with having DNR stock the Proctor Park pond.  Lasiter adds that if the parking situation at Country Gate can be addressed we may consider stocking that pond as well.



Clerk-Treasurer Alspach presents a Memo to transfer funds within the Water Utility.  Council approves.



Laura Hammonds, 174 Tracy Ridge Blvd asks if the purchase of the property at 330 Whiteland Road falls through, would the council pursue other alternate locations for a Community Center.  Councilman Perrin states that other options would probably be too costly.  He does not believe the residents would be willing to build new at a projected cost of $4,000,000 to $5,000,000.


Being no other business the meeting was adjourned at 7:20 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Maribeth Alspach, Clerk- Treasurer



Approved: _____________________________  

                 John Perrin, President