October 21, 2008




Town Council President John Perrin opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m. with the pledge to the American flag. Council members present were John Perrin, Joe Noonan, Don Harris and Scott Alspach.  Also present were Clerk-Treasurer Maribeth Alspach, Attorney Lee Robbins and Department Heads Jim Lasiter, Ed Stephenson and Office Manager Cindy Yates. Councilman Spencer and Fire Chief Hedrick were absent.  Councilman Harris offered the opening prayer. 



Councilman Noonan moves to approve the minutes of the October 7th meeting and is seconded by Councilman Harris.  Vote 4 affirmative.



Scott Zufall, 431 Parkview asks for an extension until November 5th.  Mr. Zufall will put the full amount in the drop box before 8:00 a.m. on November 5th.  Council approves.

Anthony Skeen, 789 Harvest Meadow asks for an extension until November 7th.  Council advises payment needs to be made prior to bills being printed.  Mr. Skeen will pay the full amount before 10:00 a.m. on November 5th.  Council approves.

Shaun Spears, 204 Brookside states he can pay the full amount on October 31st.  Council approves.

Gary Helton, 1123 Warwick requests an extension until November 12th.  Council advises payment needs to be made prior to bills being printed.  Mr. Helton will pay the full amount before 10:00 a.m. on November 5th.  Council approves.



Council President Perrin opens the hearing at 7:10 p.m.  Councilman Harris thanks the Department Heads for the cuts that they made to the 2009 budget.  Councilman Harris moves to adopt the 2009 budget on first reading as submitted without any additional changes.  Motion is seconded by Councilman Alspach. Vote 4 affirmative.

The final budget hearing is scheduled for November 18th at 7:00 p.m.  Councilman Noonan moves to close the hearing at 7:13 p.m.  Motion seconded by Councilman Alspach.  Vote 4 affirmative.



Non-Transfer of Title Paperwork

Attorney Robbins states that in 1997 when the Break-O-Day School property was annexed there was an error on the legal description.  Robbins office is working on preparing a corrected legal description to file with the Recorder’s Office.


Temporary Service Permit Request

Councilman Perrin states that as much as they have tried to find a compromise there does not seem to be a way to issue and monitor the permits.  Mr. Fearin states he has been servicing his truck at his brother’s property which is not as convenient as bringing the truck home but it is working.


OSHA Policy Law Update

Attorney Robbins is still researching this and will report his findings as information becomes available.


Police Department

Councilman Spencer asks the number of 911 calls that are received by the NWPD.  Marshal Stephenson states they have had 908 so far this year, an average of about 100 calls per month.


Emergency Action Plan

Marshal Stephenson distributes draft copies of the Emergency Action Plan for the council to review.


Town Council

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October 21, 2008


FEMA Updates

PW Supt. Lasiter states he is still working on the final FEMA Claims.  He has been advised that they prefer invoices over quotes so Lasiter would like to purchase 422 water meters to replace the old ones that were contaminated in the flood.  He would like to purchase touch read meters rather than the old ones which had been his intent all along.  The old meters were going to be traded in on the new touch read ones.  The cost of the meters will run around $42,000.  With this purchase all but about 500 – 550 of our meters will be touch read.  The long term plan is to change to radio read meters in about 10 years.  Lasiter is asking permission to order these meters and hopes that we will recover part of the cost from FEMA.  Lasiter will also need to purchase an additional probe at a cost of approximately $1,500.  Lasiter adds that when we switch to the radio read meters we won’t have to physically replace the meters just change out the wiring on them.  Council approves these purchases.



LECE Funds Policy Change

Marshal Stephenson states that the law was changed on July 1, 2008 and now $4.00 from every ordinance violation fee collected is to be receipted into the LECE Fund.  The Clerk-Treasurer will need to track the ordinance violation payments and make payments to the LECE Fund each month.  The Council directs Attorney Robbins to prepare an ordinance amendment to raise all ordinance violation fines by $5.00 to cover the $4.00 fee and the administrative time to track the payments.  This item will be placed on the November 18th agenda.


Agendas – Public Notice

Councilman Harris is concerned because the agendas are not being published in the Daily Journal.  Clerk-Treasurer Alspach states the agendas are faxed to the newspapers each Friday preceding the meeting.  Every January the newspapers are provided a schedule of all of our meetings as well.




Ordinance 2085

Attorney Robbins presents copies of the revised ordinance for special parking permits for residents installing new driveways and explains on first reading.  Motion to adopt by Councilman Alspach with second by Councilman Harris. Vote 4 affirmative.  


Ordinance 2087

Attorney Robbins presents the amended Sprinkling Credit Ordinance adding the month of September on first reading. Motion to adopt by Councilman Harris with second by Councilman Noonan. Vote 4 affirmative.  

Member Alspach moves to suspend the rules and consider the ordinance on final reading.  Member Noonan seconds the motion. Vote 4 affirmative.

Clerk-Treasurer Alspach reads the sprinkling credit ordinance in title only on final reading.  Councilman Harris moves to approve on final reading with a revision making the ordinance effective May 2008 and is seconded by Councilman Noonan. Vote 4 affirmative.  

Attorney Robbins will prepare a revised copy for the council to sign.


Ordinance 2088

Attorney Robbins states that our current Ordinance 1000 limits the number of Deputy Marshals to 6.  As we will be adding another officer in 2009 this needs to either be amended or rescinded.  Council directs Attorney Robbins to prepare ordinance to rescind Ordinance 1000.


Clerk-Treasurer Alspach presents a Memo to transfer funds in the Water Utility.  Motion to approve by Councilman Alspach.  Second by Councilman Noonan. Vote 4 affirmative.




Town Council

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October 21, 2008



Marvin Witzerman, 1035 Hilltop Commons Blvd., thanks the council for correcting the sprinkling credit ordinance.


Being no other business the meeting was adjourned at 7:48 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,




Maribeth Alspach, Clerk- Treasurer




Approved: _____________________________  

                 John Perrin, President