Proctor Memorial Park

Committee Meeting

September 10, 2007



Maribeth Alspach opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m. and welcomed all members to the meeting.  Committee members briefly introduced themselves and Maribeth gave a brief overview of the project.


Brick Pavers & Memorial Walkways

Maribeth distributed cost information for the various size pavers and engraving options.  Brick pavers may be purchased by or for any Veteran, Police Officer, Firefighter or Emergency Responder whether living or deceased.  Pavers will be placed in designated areas of the appropriate walkways.  Pavers will be “standard” – additional lines of engraving will not be offered except on the Memory Stones.

The following prices were approved by consensus:


            4” x 8” pavers with 2 lines of engraving             $115.00


            8” x 8” pavers with 4 lines of engraving             $185.00


            Memory Stones with 4 lines of engraving                       $400.00

                                       and 1 piece of artwork


            Simple Engraved Border OR Artwork              $  20.00


            Ornate Engraved Border OR Artwork              $  30.00


We need to prepare marketing materials and order blanks to begin taking orders for the bricks.


Several names were discussed for the bricked walkways.  It was decided that we would have two (2) names – one for each area.


            WALK OF FREEDOM will be the walkway in the Military Section

PATHWAY OF HONOR will be the walkway in the Police, Fire & Emergency Responder’s Section


There are 908 sf in the Walk of Freedom which is equivalent to 3,814 (4” x 8”) pavers.  We can sell up to 3,500 in this area. (1,750 of the 8” x 8”)  There are 716 sf in the Pathway of Honor which equates to 3,008 (4” x 8”).  We can sell up to 2,700 in this section or 1,350 of the 8” x 8” ones.





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Maribeth asked for suggestions for fundraisers.  Some suggestions included selling

t-shirts or bracelets, penny wars at the schools, hat or special clothing days at the schools, possibly a dinner and/or an auction.  We will also see if we can collect donations and sell bricks at the sports events at the schools.  Tom Bland with the Fraternal Order of Eagles #4132 is co-chairing the Proctor Park Charity Ride on April 26, 2008.  There will be a motorcycle ride followed with dinner, a live band and games for the kids.



There is a brief discussion on creating marketing materials, obtaining advertising and finding various ways to promote this project.  We need to recruit more members for our committee and work on getting information out on upcoming events.



Committee members are asked to volunteer for various committees.  Here are the committees and their current members.  We are asking that all committee members commit to at least one committee.

            Sponsorships & Donations:

                        Rob Merchant, Paul Ross, Cheryl Mathena and Lloyd and Sharon Proctor.

            Event Planning:

                        Cheryl Mathena, Paul Ross and Amy Owens.

            Advertising & Marketing:

                        Patti Wade


                        Rob Merchant and Kevin Kelley.

            Grant Writing:

                        LaTheda Noonan and Amy Owens.

            T-Shirts & Bracelets / Fundraising:

                        Sue Galloway, Vicky Moss and Kim Kolthoff.

            Memorial Bricks:

                        Amy Owens and Vivian Noonan.


Meeting Schedule

It is determined that this committee will meet the first (1st) Wednesday night of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Meeting Room here at the Town Hall.


Being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Maribeth Alspach