Proctor Memorial Park

Committee Meeting

October 3, 2007



Maribeth Alspach opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m. and welcomed all members to the meeting.  Committee members briefly introduced themselves. We had 13 committee members in attendance.  Maribeth thanked the following people:

            Erin Napier – design help on the Memorial Brick fliers

            Holly Ison – mailing 2 batches of request letters for auction items

            Holly Ison, Vicky Moss, Beth Proctor, Kim Long & Sue Koch for working the

                        WCHS home football game.

Sue Koch for working the Methodist Church Open House and for getting a complete set of our site plans laminated.

LaTheda Noonan for making the Methodist Church opportunity available to us.


Financial Report

Revenue to date is $20,368.99 and expenditures total $430.09 which leaves a balance of $19,938.90.  Maribeth explains that this committee does not have the power or authority to spend money without council approval.  We may make suggestions or submit requests but only the Town Council can spend those funds.


Site Progress Report

Public Works Supt. Jim Lasiter states that much is being done at the site.  Lasiter, Maribeth and Kevin Kelley met with a landscape designer who is working on the water feature for the memorial plaque.  The excavation work has been done and we hope to have the feature installed this month.  A ceiling was put in the shelter house and the shelter house has been painted.  Jim met with representatives from Duke Energy and a private electrician and the electrical design is done.  Jim and his employees are installing the electrical chases.  Water line has been tapped at the site.  A volunteer has offered to scrape the parking lot and we are hoping to get the base in and possibly get it poured before Veteran’s Day if the prep work is completed before Milestone does their contracted street work here in New Whiteland.


Mission Statement

Copies of the drafted Mission Statement prepared by Kevin Kelley are distributed.  Kathy Rooker moves to adopt the Mission Statement as written and is seconded by Eddie Proctor.  Motion carries.

Proctor Park Mission Statement:


A place of honor and remembrance,

A place of reflection and thanksgiving,

A place of community and celebration.



Proctor Park

Page 2



Proctor Park honors those individuals who have protected our community and our nation through their selfless service in our country’s armed services and law enforcement, fire

protection and emergency services.   Through its very name, Proctor Park especially remembers those individuals who made the supreme sacrifice.


Proctor Park is a place where visitors are encouraged to reflect on the lives and sacrifices of those so honored and remembered and give thanks for all those who continue in their footsteps.


Proctor Park celebrates a community that came together as a family because of a fallen son and to honor a life given.  It is a place where we continue to celebrate our way of life and life itself.


Bricks are only meant to honor individuals, not businesses or organizations.


Brick Pavers & Memorial Walkways

Maribeth is still waiting on samples of the art work.  Discussion over delays caused to the project because we don’t have the information needed to begin selling the bricks.  Maribeth will contact the committee as soon as she receives the artwork and we will have a special meeting to select the options that we will offer.  None of the brick pavers will have borders.



Maribeth asks that everyone work to communicate any information about upcoming fundraisers with her so that we can help publicize the events.

            Car Show – New Whiteland East Park on Sunday, October 7, 2007

            WCHS Football Game – Friday, October 12, 2007

            Millennium in Franklin – Saturday, Oct. 27th from 2 – 8 p.m.

            Motorcycle Expo – Indiana State Fairgrounds – Feb. 21 – 24, 2008

            Heroes Honoring Heroes – Sat. Feb. 23, 2008 WCHS gym 9 – 7

            Charity Ride – Saturday, April 26, 2008 10 -7

After much discussion decision is made that we don’t have enough people to cover 4 days manning a booth at the Expo next February.  Tom Bland states the Eagles are helping with a booth at the Expo to promote Anna’s Ride and think they can pass out information for us as well.


Drum Roll /////////// Heroes Honoring Heroes – Cheryl Mathena reports that she met with 10 of the Colts players and has a commitment that at least 4 will attend our event on February 23rd!!!  Whooo Hooo!  She is awaiting confirmation on exactly who will be attending and what hours they are available.  CPCSC has graciously offered us use of the Glen Ray Gymnasium and concession areas from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. that day at no charge.  Awesome!  See how it’s all coming together?????

Proctor Park

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As soon as the player’s names are confirmed we will put together a schedule to begin advertising and recruiting the necessary volunteers to make the day a HUGE success.

Reggie Miller has confirmed that he is coming and would like to speak.  Governor Daniels will also make an appearance and speak.  Possible other UNCONFIRMED attendees include Hunter Smith, Dallas Clark, Jeff Saturday, Marvin Harrison, Ben Utecht, Adam Vinatieri, Gary Brackett, Reggie Wayne, Peyton Manning, Joseph Addai and Larry Bird.  Tony Stewart had hoped to attend but it is the beginning of the NASCAR season and probably won’t be able to – he is sending lots of autographed memorabilia for the auction.  There may be Pacer and Indiana Fever players in attendance as well.  Prices for admittance to the event are discussed as well as how to address autographs.  Many players are contractually prohibited from being in staged or posed photographs.  Candid shots with personal cameras should be permitted.  Discussion of $15 / adult and $5 for students from 6 – 16. Children 5 and under would be admitted free.  Possibly sell tickets for autographs; example a $5 ticket gets 1 autograph – people would buy as many tickets as they wanted just like buying ride tickets at the fair.  These are issues that need to be worked out and determined prior to preparing marketing materials.


We are still researching fundraising items to sell to raise money for the park.  Maribeth distributes quotes on car magnets, pencils and buttons.  We also have a vendor who makes dog tags that we could sell.  Tags could be “generic” with a Proctor Park logo or special order / personalized.  Our cost would be $1.50 a set (tags engraved & chains) and sell at other events for $5 - $6 per set.


We are starting to receive item donations to be used at our various fundraisers.  Cheryl has acquired some tickets that are for events prior to either of our scheduled events and we will be raffling those tickets off.

We have 4 tickets for the December 30th Colts vs. Titans game.  The seats are in the 10th row on the 40 yd line and have a face value of $275 each.  We will sell raffle tickets for $10 a chance on a pair of the tickets.  We will be selling two (2) pair of tickets rather that a package of the 4 seats.  We will have raffle tickets available in a few select businesses and committee members will also be provided with tickets to sell if they wish to.  All tickets will be signed for and the person who takes the tickets will be responsible to return the tickets or the equivalent in cash.  We also have 2 tickets for the Keith Urban concert at Conseco on November 8th and 2 tickets for the John Mellencamp concert on November 3rd.  Chances for the concert tickets will be $5 each or 5 chances for $20.



Patty Wade and Maribeth will schedule a meeting with a printer who has volunteered their services as soon as the details of these future events are in place.  We need to do a massive publicity blitz.


Proctor Park

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Vicky Moss has contacted the owner of the billboard on US 31 near Advanced Auto about renting the billboard.  The cost of the graphics is $1,700 and then he is offering a discounted rental fee of $300 / month on the board with a 3 month guarantee and if there

is no interest from someone else wanting to use the billboard as long as 12 months.  Vicky has contacted the Firing Range at Atterbury about advertising the Range on the billboard and allowing us to list our upcoming events.  They are looking into funding for the graphics.



We had hoped to break into subcommittees but do not have enough members present to do so tonight.


Meeting Schedule

It is determined that this committee will meet again on Wednesday, October 17th at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Meeting Room here at the Town Hall.  Members are going to check with other fundraisers and see what type of fees other groups charge at their events and bring information to this meeting so that prices can be set.  Hopefully we will have attendee confirmations at this point and can begin marketing.


Being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Maribeth Alspach