AUGUST 2, 2006




Town Council President John Perrin opened the meeting at 6:30 p.m. Council members present were Scott Alspach, Joe Noonan and Terry Spencer.   Also present were Clerk-Treasurer Maribeth Alspach along with Department Heads Mary Facemire, Ed Stephenson and Jim Lasiter.  Fire Chief Hedrick submitted his budget request to the council after the last council meeting as he is working tonight and unable to attend the meeting.  Councilman Harris was absent.


Fire Department

No changes were made to the 100’s or 200’s.  There was some discussion on the $500 increase to the Gasoline appropriation.  Clerk-Treasurer Alspach will contact the school and see if they would consider allowing us to buy our gas through them and use their volume discount.

300’s – Fire Chief Hedrick needs to start replacing the pagers.  Each pager costs $500.  President Perrin recommends checking into a pager service.  The 316 appropriation is reduced by $300 and the Fire Chief will be reimbursed $35 per month to defray the cost of his personal cell phone bill.

400’s no changes made.

Total reduction - $300.


Parks Department

Parks Director Facemire presents her 2007 budget.  There were no changes made.


Police Department

Marshal Stephenson states that his 2007 budget includes the new full time officer.  Stephenson adds that they currently cover 51 weeks of paid vacation, 32 weeks earned by the officers and 19 weeks earned by the dispatchers.  Stephenson explains the new officer will be a road officer but will also cover open shifts in dispatch in an emergency. 

There are no changes made to the 100’s, 300’s or 400’s.  223 – Gasoline is increased $2000. There is concern over running out of money for gasoline this year.  Clerk-Treasurer Alspach has estimated the health insurance costs for the remainder of 2006 and believes we could reduce 181 – Employee Group Insurance by $21,000.  $6,000 would be transferred to 223 for fuel and the other $15,000 would actually be used to help reduce the 2006 budget.

Total budget increased $2,000.


Properties Department

PW Supt. Lasiter explains that the current balances in Contractual Services and Building Materials will hopefully be used to replace the 3 furnaces at the Police Station form 80% to 94% efficient ones.

Supt. Lasiter discusses his “Alternate” budget request which includes $30,000 for improvements to the West Park, $12,500 for heat pumps and improvements at the Police Station, $10,000 for pond fountains at the 2 parks, $15,000 for walking trails at Tracy Commons, $45,000 for parking lot and entry for Tracy Commons Park, and $15,000 for “Bark Park” on Tracy Road.  Lasiter states that he knows these items can’t be approved but needs the council to be aware of things that need to be done but due to continually shrinking budgets can’t.

There are no changes made to the non-alternate budget.


Motor Vehicle Highway

DLGF provides funding information for this budget.  They have advised that we need to reduce the proposed 2007 budget by $18,000.  Appropriation 431 – Improvements Other Than Building is reduced to $22,000.

No other changes are made.

Total reduction - $18,000.


Town Council

Preliminary Budget Hearing

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August 2, 2006


Water Utility

There are no changes made.


Sanitation Utility

Supt. Lasiter explains the 400’s category.  He has budgeted $200,000 for a new chlorine upgrade to make this a Class A Utility which would eliminate some of the equipment that they have been experiencing problems with.  Would also eliminate need for sludge removal / hauling.  This would also eliminate certain IDEM issues.

There are no changes made.


Storm Water Utility

There are no changes made.


Plan Commission

316- Contractual Services is reduced by $440.  After some discussion the town will reimburse the Zoning Administrator $35 per month for using his personal cell phone rather than paying for a second phone.

Total reduction - $440.

After some discussion it is decided that the 2006 budget can be reduced as follows:  311 reduced by $6,000 and 314 reduced by $1500.


Town Administration

Clerk-Treasurer Alspach presents a revised budget request that reflects a total reduction of $65,724.  Alspach explains that she has kept the salary for the full time bookkeeper/clerk position but will look for 1 or 2 part time employees to fill the position.  There is also some discussion on the trash removal costs and consideration to re-bidding the contract this year to see what the future costs could be.

No additional changes are made.


Being no other business the meeting was adjourned at 9:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,




Maribeth Alspach, Clerk- Treasurer



Approved: _____________________________  

                 John Perrin, President