NOVEMBER 21, 2006



Town Council President John Perrin opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m. with the pledge to the American flag. Council members present were Joe Noonan, Scott Alspach and Terry Spencer.   Also present were Attorney Stephen Watson, Clerk-Treasurer Maribeth Alspach along with Department Heads Mary Facemire, Ed Stephenson, Brian Hedrick, PW Supt. Jim Lasiter and Office Manager Cindy Yates.  Councilman Harris was absent.  Councilman Spencer offered the opening prayer. 



Member Noonan moves to approve the minutes of the October 17th and November 1st meetings.  Motion seconded by Councilman Alspach.  Vote 4 affirmative.

Member Noonan moves to approve the minutes of the November 8th Special Meeting.  Motion seconded by Councilman Alspach.  Vote 3 affirmative and 1 abstention.  Councilman Spencer abstains.



Fire Engine Purchase

Fire Chief Hedrick presents copies of the revised specs.  The legal ad has already run and we will need to amend it and run it again.  Hedrick also presents a packet of information he has gathered addressing various financing options for the new truck.  Our accountant, Jeff Birk has reviewed the information and recommends the lease purchase option.  Chief Hedrick states that the bid specs have 3 optional items for pricing that he would like to have included on the new engine if we can afford to.  Hedrick also asks the council to consider donating the 1979 Pierse engine to Central Nine Vocational School for their training program once the new truck is in service.

Chief Hedrick adds that Johnson County Emergency Management is donating a laptop computer to the Fire Department.

President Perrin thanks Chief Hedrick for all of his hard work in preparing the specs and getting the financing information.   Councilman Spencer asks if the estimate for the new engine is still around $225,000.00.  Hedrick hopes so.


Performance Bond

Attorney Watson states that earlier this year the council released two of the three performance bonds for Wallace Construction.  The final bond was for the road widening and the service and tack coat on 25W.  PW Supt. Lasiter notes that the work was completed in 2004 and accepted.  He recommends releasing the bond at this time.  He adds that we have 1 year left on the maintenance bond on this work.  The developer has misplaced the original bond and Attorney Watson has prepared a release document for the council’s consideration.  Motion by Councilman Spencer to release the performance bond with a second by Councilman Noonan.  Vote 4 affirmative.


Tree Donation and Planting

Clerk-Treasurer Alspach states that on Saturday, November 18th employees of the National Bank of Indianapolis, leaders and scouts from Cub Pack 617 and she planted 10 large trees along the Ball Park Road in the East Park.  The National Bank of Indianapolis donated the trees.  The Public Works employees prepared the holes for planting and the bank and scout volunteers provided the labor.  Alspach took several pictures and shares them with the council.  The following persons volunteered their time and energy planting the trees last weekend:

            Pack #617 scouts Ben Flora, Will Englehart, Aaron Pate, Caleb Munn, Brandon Wells, and Trevor Burdine and adult sponsors / leaders Michael Munn (Cub Master), Jennifer Burdine (Webelos Leader) and Bill Flora.

            National Bank of Indianapolis employees Jay Brill, Sarah Aumage (and her husband Zach), Barb Grant, Shirley Best, Janell Giddens, Christina Hildebran, Karen Provencher, Paul Ross (and his wife Kelly).



Town Council

Page Two

November 21, 2006


Food Pantry

Clerk-Treasurer Alspach thanks everyone for their support during the weekly promise campaign for the Food Pantry.  A special thanks to the Town Hall employees and the Police Department employees for accepting donations.  Extra big thanks to the Public Works employees for collecting all of the donations and delivering them to the Food Pantry.  We collected 1,500 pounds of donations and $30.00 cash.  Alspach has pictures of the collected donations that she shares with the council.


Ordinance Revision Package

Town Marshal Stephenson presents council members with copies of the proposed revisions to the town code and ordinances and asks them to review the changes and contact him with any questions or corrections.

Marshal Stephenson adds that on November 3rd the NWPD exceeded the 3000th service call for the first time since he has worked here.

Stephenson notes that the NWPD has received a Johnson County Casa Grant to purchase a digital video camera for one of the police cars.  He and Clerk-Treasurer Alspach are researching funding to purchase one additional camera so that all of the cars are identically equipped.

Marshal Stephenson also requests permission to purchase broadband cards for the NWPD computers that are in the police cars.  The county has a contract with Verizon for the cards and Stephenson has enough money in his budget to prepay for cards for the 7 cars for 2007.  We will send the money to the Johnson County Auditor and they will make our payments each month.  The cards are $49.95 per month and provide unlimited access and internet access.  The cost per year will be $4,200.00.  Council approves pre-payment.


CPR Recertification Class

Chief Hedrick states the Fire Department will be holding a recertification class on December 9th at 8:00.  It is free to anyone who wishes to attend.  Hedrick adds that they will be providing a certification class in the spring.



Trash & Recycling Bids

Attorney Watson states his office has reviewed the bid documents and they are in order.  Clerk-Treasurer Alspach notes that only one bid was submitted.  The current vendor, Best Way, was the only company that responded to our advertisements.  Craig Maschino with Best Way is present to answer any questions.   The proposed contract runs from 2008 through 2011 with the following monthly fees per residence:

2008                                  $  8.98

2009                                  $  9.41

2010                                  $  9.68

2011                                  $ 10.11

These rates do not include the Town’s $0.25 administrative fee for billing and collection services.  The new contract is for automated pick up.  Best Way will provide two (2) 96 gallon carts to every residence, one for trash and one for recyclables.  The carts will be different colors and will belong to Best Way.  The residents will not pay a deposit or be charged for the carts.  60 gallon carts will be made available to any resident who requests one in lieu of the larger cart.  Additional carts will be available at a cost of $6.00 per month which will be billed and collected by Best Way.  Weekly trash pick up would continue on the current schedule.  Recycling would only be picked up one time each month – the first pick up day of the month for each residence.  This is the same schedule as Heavy Trash pick up which will not change with the new contract.  Residents will need to bag their trash and recyclables (newspaper) inside the carts in order to prevent blowing and spillage when the carts are dumped into the trucks.  If the contract is approved, Maschino hopes to distribute the new carts and begin the new program in the spring of 2007 with no price increase during the last year of our current contract.  He will have to order the carts and the new trucks once the bid is accepted.  PW Supt.

Town Council

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November 21, 2006


Lasiter recommends including information sheets in the new carts of the proper ways to prepare trash and recyclables for collection.  Information should also contain information explaining that the carts are the property of Best Way and are to remain with the property (physical address) when people move.  Best Way is willing to do this and also volunteers to host Town Meetings to explain the program changes if the council wants them to do so.  Councilman Spencer asks if there are other communities with this program already in place.  Maschino states New Whiteland will be the pilot program.  Other communities have automated trash service but not recycling.  Craig Maschino notes that the only other significant change in the contract is a Fuel Surcharge clause which will allow Best Way to come to the council annually to review fuel costs and negotiate a rate adjustment if necessary.  The bid was based on diesel fuel not exceeding $3.00 per gallon and that price could fluctuate during the 4 year contract period.  Councilman Alspach asks what the proposed increase might be.  Maschino replies that 3% is their standard fuel surcharge.  During the annual discussion the council would have the option to approve a fuel surcharge if necessary or re-bid the contract.  Maschino states that the council can select the month during which the fuel surcharge would be reviewed should the contract be approved.

Councilmember Noonan moves to accept the bid submitted by Best Way.  Councilmember Spencer seconds the motion.  Vote 4 affirmative.


Corporate Portrait Agreement

Clerk-Treasurer Alspach has agreements from the National Bank of Indianapolis for accessing their on-line banking services and being able to do direct deposit.  She has provided copies of the agreement for the attorney to review and Lee Robbins has approved them.  Alspach is asking the council’s permission to execute the contract and acknowledges that there is a $100.00 installation fee for the bank’s software.  Council approves.


New Police Officer

Marshal Stephenson states that 8 candidates were interviewed to fill the police officer position.  A five member interview board conducted the interviews and all applicants were given a written test.  Christopher Speer has been accepted the position and will begin work on December 4th.  Mr. Speer lives in New Whiteland.  He will need to attend the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy within 1 year of his hire date.  Marshal Stephenson asks permission to have our attorney draft a contract document stating that in return for our funding his academy certification, Christopher Speer agrees to remain employed as a police officer in New Whiteland for 3 years after his graduation.  Council approves.


Paid Stand By / Volunteer Firefighters

Fire Chief Hedrick states that they had good response to the ad for applicants.  He handed out around 30 applications and has had 15 turned back in.  He will begin interviews in December.  Hedrick will require new hires to sign a two (2) year contract.  President Perrin cautions that he not hire more people than his budget will allow for him to send to the require schools.  Hedrick hopes to hire 3 to 5 new firefighters.



Ordinance 2040

Clerk-Treasurer Alspach reads the transfer ordinance in its entirety on first reading.  Motion to adopt by Councilman Spencer with a second by Councilman Alspach.  Vote 4 affirmative.

Member Alspach moves to suspend the rules and consider Ordinance 2040 on final reading.  Motion is seconded by Member Noonan.  Vote 4 affirmative.

Clerk-Treasurer Alspach reads the transfer ordinance in title only on final reading.  Motion to adopt by Councilman Alspach with a second by Councilman Spencer.  Vote 4 affirmative.

Clerk-Treasurer Alspach presents a memo for utility transfers.  Council approves.



Town Council

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November 21, 2006


Ordinance 2041

Clerk-Treasurer Alspach reads the 2007 Salary Ordinance in title only on first reading.  Alspach notes that these are the salary amounts approved in the 2007 budget hearing with a couple of adjustments due to promotions within the Police Department.  The council has been provided with information on those revisions and the new salary amounts have been incorporated into tonight’s ordinance. Motion to adopt by Councilman Spencer with a second by Councilman Alspach.  Vote 4 affirmative.


Ordinance 2042

Attorney Watson presents an ordinance prepared by Lee Robbins based on a sample ordinance provided by IDEM that addresses flood plain mapping.  Clerk-Treasurer Alspach explains that this ordinance has been considered by the Plan Commission and has been forwarded by them to the Council for final approval.  PW Supt. Lasiter further explains that without this ordinance New Whiteland residents will be unable to purchase flood insurance.  Attorney Watson notes that there are two typos within the ordinance (page 11) where the word “optional” needs to be stricken.  Motion to adopt with corrections by Councilman Spencer with a second by Councilman Noonan  Vote 4 affirmative.

Member Noonan moves to suspend the rules and consider Ordinance 2042 on final reading.  Motion is seconded by Member Alspach.  Vote 4 affirmative.

Clerk-Treasurer Alspach reads the ordinance in title only on final reading.  Motion to adopt by Councilman Alspach with a second by Councilman Noonan.  Vote 4 affirmative.


Ordinance 2043

Attorney Watson presents an ordinance prepared by Lee Robbins providing for Post Construction Management of Storm Water pursuant to Rule 13.  PW Supt. Lasiter states that out NPDES permit was approved contingent on the passage of this ordinance.  Motion to adopt Ordinance 2043 on first reading by Councilman Noonan with a second by Councilman Spencer.  Vote 4 affirmative.

Member Spencer moves to suspend the rules and consider Ordinance 2043 on final reading.  Motion is seconded by Member Alspach.  Vote 4 affirmative.

Clerk-Treasurer Alspach reads the ordinance in title only on final reading.  Motion to adopt by Councilman Alspach with a second by Councilman Noonan.  Vote 4 affirmative.




Being no other business the meeting was adjourned at 8:37 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,




Maribeth Alspach, Clerk- Treasurer




Approved: _____________________________  

                 John Perrin, President