JULY 22, 2008

7:00 p.m.


Co-Chairman, Scott Alspach began the July meeting at 7:04 p.m.  Members present were Ray Rodgers, Laura Hammons, Scott Alspach and Jim Lasiter. Tim Guyer and Lee Robbins were also in attendance.  Rudy Reading, Steve Hickman and Terry Spencer were absent.



Ray motioned to accept the minutes from the June meeting.  Laura seconded the motion.  Vote was 4 affirmative.



There were eight building permits issued, totaling $54,100.00.  No questions or comments.



There was no old business to discuss.




The members all have a report from the Board of Health regarding 401 Sawmill Road.  The complaint was generated from the US Marshallís office, when they went to serve a warrant at the home and found the conditions extremely dirty.  Child Protection Services was called in and a child residing in the home was removed.  They had 10 days to clean up the property, both inside and out.  They have been allowed to return to the house.


In the report there is reference that the house is being used as a boarding house, which is against town zoning ordinance.  Betsy Swearingen was told that 7-9 people rent rooms in that house. Also in the report there is mention of a large python snake, which is also against town zoning ordinance.


Tim states he has been to the house before about a snake and snake was gone at that time.  Lee states that the Town can certainly do their own inspection and enforce ordinances.         


Plan Commission wants me to ask Betsy Swearingen if everything in the original complaint has been satisfied?  Itís hard to believe that everything is up to code.  What about the structural integrity of the house.   In the report it states there are various electrical and open wire splices in the home.  They were to repair all wiring and outlets to a sound condition.  Plan Commission directed Tim Guyer to do an inspection of the house for safety purposes.



Jim Lasiter talked about various drainage issues throughout town.  How some residents have built their yards up with dirt, causing water to back up.  There is a drainage problem on Ashland.  About 15 years ago a person built a garage 1' from the rear property line, now water backs up into surrounding yards.


Plan Commission

July 22, 2008

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Jim Lasiter would like to see a drainage approval on each and every building permit.  Lee Robbins states that the Board of Zoning should not approve variances that encroach on drainage easements.  People donít know or they donít think about the problems of drainage during construction.  The Town needs to hold the homeowners accountable for drainage issues they create.  This needs to be addressed before a Certificate of Occupancy is issued or at the time of a final inspection.  This subject is not very well regulated and needs to be addressed during construction, follow up is important.



No questions or comments.


Jim Lasiter motioned to adjourn the meeting.  Scott Alspach seconded the motion. Vote 4 affirmative to adjourn the July meeting.  Meeting adjourned at 7:26 p.m.



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