JULY 24, 2007

7:00 P.M.


Chairman, Terry Spencer began the meeting at 7:03 p.m.  Members present were Ray Rodgers, Rudy Reading, Scott Alspach, Jim Lasiter, and Terry Spencer.  Tom Hause was absent.  Lee Robbins and Tim Guyer were  in attendance.



Rudy motioned to approve the minutes as presented.  Ray seconded the motion.  Vote was 6 affirmative.  There were no changes or comments.




Lee Robbins handed out revisions to the driveway ordinance in order to get the language right. On the second page of the draft that Lee distributed, the proposed paragraph will replace Section 7-1504, that paragraph states the following:


“a) All residential dwelling shall have one (1) paved driveway, with a minimum width, at all points, of fifteen (15) feet, that shall run from the street curb to a point that is no more than five (5) feet from the front building line.  An area along and adjacent to the edge of the paved driveway, closest to the nearest side lot line, may be used for additional parking.  The additional area may be improved with #53 compacted stone or may be paved.  However, all areas between the front yard setback and the street curb shall be paved.”


Lee states that the issues last time were some language concerns about lot line, setback line and driveway.  What the Plan Commission is trying to accomplish is to allow gravel to be added along one side of the existing hard surfaced driveway that is nearest to a side yard lot line.  Gravel can be added to that driveway down to the sidewalk, all the way down to the sidewalk.  We don’t want gravel going all the way to the street and curb. 


Lee continued, “all areas between the sidewalk or if there is no sidewalk, the front lot line and the street curb shall be paved.”  If there are areas where there are no sidewalk, we will look at the front lot line.”  Lee replaced “setback line” to “front lot line”.  Another change was the width at the point where it intersects at the sidewalk or front lot line to 22' . 


Tim states that he looked on the internet and there are no such specs for driveways. Tim also states that he thinks a 4" solid base of #53 stone would be sufficient.  Jim Lasiter states Whiteland requires 6" of stone.  The stone will compact after a period of time.  4"-6" of stone is a good height requirement to keep it level with the existing driveway and sidewalk.  The Plan Commission agreed on 4" of gravel.  Lee stated we will have a public hearing on this next month.





Plan Commission

July 24, 2007

Page two



The Plan Commission can act on it next time and send it onto the Town Council.



There were 6 building permits issued in July, total $191,750.00.


OLD BUSINESS (continued)                                                                                            ZONING ORDINANCE/SUBDIVISION CONTROL ORDINANCE CHANGES:

Again the Plan Commission talked about making changes to the Subdivision Control Ordinances to include a two entrance requirement as well as upgrading county roads, lighting on county roads, etc....some members took a copy of the Subdivision Control Ordinance, Construction Standards and The Comprehensive Plan.  Lee suggested looking at the Construction Standards, some of these ideas are already in place. The members will review them before the next meeting and come with recommendations.



Lee Robbins passed out an amendment to our development standards for billboards.  The current Zoning Ordinance, Section 7-1404 c.) states that “No billboard sign shall be located within 250' of any protected district fronting on the same street to which the sign is oriented measured along the centerline of the street to which the sign is oriented from the point in the streets’ centerline that is closest to the leading edge of the sign.  In no case, however, shall any billboard sign be located within one hundred (100) feet of any protected district measured in any direction.”


“Subparagraph (a.) of Section 7-1404(2), c.  shall be stricken entirely and replaced with the following:

Distance From Protected Districts: No Billboard Sign shall be located within 350 feet of a Protected District. For purposes of this section, Protected District shall include all Residential Districts, areas platted for residential use as part of a PUD Ordinance, parks, school and churches.”


Billboard signs will still be required to meet the setback requirement, which is somewhere around 50-75' on U.S. 31.  Jim Lasiter suggested the Plan Commission move forward with the billboard amendment.  The other members agreed.  This matter will be set for Public Hearing in August.



Ray Rodgers inquired about the property on Tracy Road, east of the railroad tracks, is there any activity there?  Jim Lasiter states the owner was in a nursing home and passed away about 4 months ago.  There are a few heirs to the property, the son is anxious to sell the property but one of the other heirs is not so anxious to sell it.


Plan Commission

July 24, 2007

Page Three



Jim continued to say that the Town could annex the property, but there are no utilities in that area.  It would require the Town to invest some money into it and would require boring under the railroad tracks for water and sewer service. Jim said he would get quotes on taking utilities to that area.



Scott Alspach asked Tim if he had cited Mr. Horton for running a business out of his house.  Tim replied no he hadn’t.



Maribeth Alspach was in the audience and stated she passed out a memo from Stoeppelwerth & Associates.  They have discovered discrepancies on the recorded plat for Hilltop Farms.  Lee stated the first thing would be to provide the Town with the problems he has found.  If it’s a matter of shifting something or if it is a series of mistakes, the problem now is correcting the plat after lots have been sold, the residents have bought what they bought.  We can’t just go in and reconfigure their property, but there may be information that would be helpful to gather.  There are approximately 60 empty lots left in Hilltop Farms.


Jim Lasiter remembers asking Steve Williams with Franklin Engineering to file a new plat due some address discrepancies.  Steve told Jim that he didn’t have to refile, there is a form to fill out for the correction.  Jim requested a copy of that form once Steve Williams filed it.  Jim is not certain the Town ever received that form showing the correction.


Lee will call Dennis Olmstead with Stoeppelwerth Associates and track down these problems.  It could be as simple as filing an affadavit.  Maribeth states there was an address problem when Erin and Brad Napier bought their house in Hilltop Farms.  There was also confusion at one time because the street names got changed, after the plat was approved, to Hilltop Farms Blvd North Drive, East Drive, West Drive and South Drive.  That problem got corrected.


Rudy motioned to adjourn the meeting.  Laura seconded the motion.  Voted 6 to adjourn the meeting at 7:57 p.m.


Respectfully submitted:



____________________________                            Cindy Yates

Approved By:                                                               Recording Secretary