JUNE 26, 2007


Public Hearing

7:00 pm


Terry Spencer opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m.  Members present were Laura Hammons, Ray Rodgers, Rudy Reading, Scott Alspach, Jim Lasiter and Terry Spencer.  Tom Hause was not in attendance.  Attorney, Lee Robbins and Zoning Administrator, Tim Guyer were present.



Rudy motioned to accept the minutes as presented.  Ray seconded the motion.  Vote was 6 affirmative.



Ten building permits were issued in the month of June, total of $503,360.00.




Lee Robbins states that notice was published for the Public Hearing.   Lee read the proposed zoning amendment to allow U-Haul rental. Terry Spencer opened the public hearing, there were no questions or comments. Terry closed the public hearing.


Ray motioned to send favorable recommendation to the Town Council.  Rudy seconded the motion.  Vote was 6 affirmative.  This is to be added to the schedule of uses as a permitted use, and will be forwarded to the Town Council.



Lee distributed a proposed amendment to allow a gravel driveway to an existing concrete driveway.  Lee quoted Zoning Ordinance 7-1504 “Requirements for private driveways - all residential districts.”  The current ordinance will be stricken as is and replaced with the following:


“(a.) All residential dwellings shall have one (1) paved driveway, with a minimum width, at all points, of fifteen (15) feet, that shall run from the street curb to a point that is no more than five (5) feet from the front building line.  An area along and adjacent to the edge of the paved driveway, closest to the nearest side lot line, may be used for additional parking.  The additional area may be improved with #53 compacted stone or may be paved.  However, all areas between the front yard setback and the street curb shall be paved.”


There was more discussion and if a resident doesn’t have a paved driveway to start with, they cannot add a gravel driveway.  The members discussed the meaning of “lot line”, which is the line that separates the lot from the street.   Lee will re-word the ordinance to say sidewalk instead of lot line.

Plan Commission

June 26, 2007

Page Two



Maribeth Alspach suggested adding a line to say a driveway can only be 22' at the street.  There was discussion about adding a line item to the Fee Schedule for these gravel driveways.


Tim Guyer offered to get Lee Robbins some basic driveway specs.  The current zoning ordinance states driveway width at the street is 20', the Plan Commission agreed to change it to 22' width at the street.




1)         Fred Moore 5 Rypma Row: Tim talked to Fred Moore, Scott Alspach reports that traffic has cut down considerably.


2)         Tony Horton 644 Circle Court: Tim asked Mr. Horton if he was running a business from his house.  Mr. Horton answered no, he doesn’t pay taxes on anything, so technically he isn’t running a business. 


Tim asked for direction from the Plan Commission and Lee Robbins.  Lee advised Tim to cite him.  Mr. Horton needs to come to the Plan Commission and convince them he isn’t running a business from his house.




I received a letter from Triton Development withdrawing the plat on “Pleasant Ridge,” located at Whiteland Road and 75 West.



Terry mentioned that he would like to see changes made to the zoning ordinance to include such improvements as street lighting on county roads, upgrading county roads, two entrances and so forth.  Terry asked me to put this on next month’s agenda.



Charlie Hill and Mandy Wehrle with Paragon General Contractors, Inc. along with Dr. Winn with Parkview Dental were in attendance.  They are proposing a new building at Parkview and Sweetbriar.   The new building will be 3,000 square feet.  Jim Lasiter wants a permanent easement through all this process. Jim is concerned with the water main.  Dr. Winn states that he does not plan to grow to the south.


The number of parking spaces was discussed.  The zoning ordinance states under Section 7-1107 “Amount of Parking Area Required” for clinic, medical or dental use, 1 parking space per 100 square feet of floor area is required, equaling 30 spaces for 3,000 floor space.  Paragon’s

Plan Commission

June 26, 2007

Page Three



proposed plan only shows 19 parking spaces. There was a little more discussion on the difference in parking spaces.  Lee Robbins states that Zoning Ordinance 7-1107 states “The parking space requirements set out in this Section may be modified or waived by the Plan Commission.”


Jim Lasiter motioned to approve the proposed plan with the 19 parking spaces shown.  Scott Alspach seconded the motion.  Vote was 6 affirmative.                       


Dr. Winn states that the building will be cedar and stone on the outside, with a lodge look.  The old building will stay until the new building is constructed.  The old stone will go away once the new paved parking lot is finished.  They want to leave as much property as they can to preserve the landscaping.  They are leaving the area across from the Fire Department alone, keeping with the long standing agreement allowing the Fire Department to park there.



Jim Lasiter spoke about all the commercial signs throughout the residential neighborhoods.  He had me write up a letter addressing this matter with residents.  He would like to give this to the resident first without removing the sign in violation.  The letter asks them to remove the sign.  If they do not remove the sign, we go back and remove it.  Jim only wants to take care of the residents doing this, not the businesses.  As it stand right now, people can have a sign in their yard during the actual construction and then remove it within 30 days after the end of construction.  But people’s yards are not an advertising avenue for these contractors, and sometimes they remain in yards for months and months.


Scott Alspach motioned to allow Jim Lasiter to notify residents to remove signs. Ray seconded the motion.  Vote was 5 affirmative, one member abstained from voting.


Jim Lasiter wants to amend and reword the ordinance pertaining to billboard signs to be more pallable to residents.  Lee will present something in the future.


Rudy motioned to adjourn the meeting.  Ray seconded the motion. Vote was 6 affirmative to adjourn the meeting.  The meeting adjourned at 8:12 p.m.



Respectfully submitted:



__________________________                                Cindy Yates

Approved By:                                                               Recording Secretary