MAY 22, 2007


7:00 pm




Chairman, Terry Spencer called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Members present were Ray Rodgers, Rudy Reading, Scott Alspach, Jim Lasiter and Terry Spencer.  Tom Hause was absent.  Attorney, Lee Robbins and Zoning Administrator were both in attendance.



Rudy motioned to accept the minutes to the last meeting.  Scott seconded the motion.  Vote was 4 affirmative.  Jim abstained from voting.




There were eleven building permits issued in May, total of $364,440.00.




Terry Spencer states that Scott and Rudyís terms have expired as members for the Plan Commission.  However, each one has submitted a letter asking to stay on the board.  Charlie Linville has also submitted a letter to stay on the Board of Zoning Appeals.  These requests will be submitted to the Town Council for them to discuss at their next meeting.




Lee states that he understands the video store is closing.  He asked the members if they want to go forward with amending the zoning ordinance to allow the rental of U-hauls.  The members directed Lee to go ahead.  Public Hearing will be sometime in the future.




Lee delivered a check for $500.00 to Maribeth from Mr. Scales for the fine due to the ongoing violation of a carport.




Residential parking has been discussed in past meetings.  Terry asked what has to be done to allow gravel driveways.  Lee replied, a change in the ordinance, but there still has to be boundaries.



MAY 22, 2007

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There was more discussion and the members decided on the following guidelines for gravel driveways.


a)         Can add gravel to existing driveway to the nearest lot line.

b)         gravel not to exceed 10'.

c)         gravel has to be on the inside edge of the sidewalk, or 6' from the curb.

d)         Must use #53 stone.



Lee will draft an ordinance using those guidelines.  Residents cannot put a gravel driveway in the front yard, this would require a variance.  The gravel has to go toward the nearest lot line.



Lee Robbins will make us up a sheet as to the process of filing a plat.




Scott complained of a resident at 5 Rypma Row who is running a construction business out of his house and it is becoming a nuisance.   His crew shows up in the morning, trucks and trailers come and go, shingles being delivered to the house, the crew returns at the end of the day.


Rudy complained of a resident at 644 Circle Court who is also running a business out of his house.  Rudy has witnessed semiís unloading parts.  He believes it is a transmission business. Other neighbors have complained to Rudy.  Tim Guyer will talk to them.



Maribeth complained about the sign that Circle City Pizza has placed on the base of the billboard as well as the unsightly Bar-B-Que pit that has sat out in the parking lot for over two months, that also has a sign on it. Tim will tell them to remove it.



Schoolcraft is asking about a drive-thru for the north end of the building on U.S. 31 where the Dollar General Store is located.  Tim told them there isnít enough room and nothing in the zoning ordinances to allow a drive-thru.  They told me that they had spoke to the Town Attorney and that it was okay since it wasnít addressed.  Lee never spoke to anyone and states that they cannot have a drive-thru window.





MAY 22, 2007

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Rudy motioned to adjourn the meeting.  Ray seconded the motion.  Meeting adjourned at

7:45 p.m.



Respectfully submitted:



Cindy Yates

Recording Secretary



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